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Welcome to TinkerPro: Precision Meets Innovation

At TinkerPro, we bridge the gap between visionary ideas and tangible products. Using a blend of advanced tools and experienced insights, we transform your conceptual ideas into market-ready marvels.



Concept Development

Ideas deserve a tangible representation. We leverage advanced CAD tools to craft detailed 3D models of your product, ensuring each design aspect is optimized for both functionality and aesthetics.

3D Visualizations

Visualization is critical for stakeholder alignment and iterative design. We use high-resolution 3D rendering tools to offer a detailed, immersive preview of your product, highlighting its features, form, and function.


Before full-scale production, a prototype is essential. We employ state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to materialize your product concept, allowing for hands-on testing, feedback, and iterative refinement.

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Got a product concept? Let’s refine it. We evaluate the feasibility of your idea, offering insights into its potential scalability, manufacturability, and market fit. With Roosevelt Williams’ guiding philosophy, we ensure that your concept aligns with industry benchmarks.


Transitioning from a prototype to a market-ready product requires meticulous planning and execution. Our team ensures that the development phase is streamlined, cost-effective, and compliant with industry standards.

3D Visualizations

Visualization is critical for stakeholder alignment and iterative design. We use high-resolution 3D rendering tools to offer a detailed, immersive preview of your product, highlighting its features, form, and function.


For those unique design challenges or niche market needs, our custom 3D printing services offer unparalleled precision and versatility, catering to a range of materials and specifications.

DRAFTING services

Our seasoned draftsmen are adept at diving into ongoing projects, ensuring that every detail is captured with utmost precision. Whether it’s refining current plans or scaling up drafting operations, trust in TinkerPro to seamlessly integrate with your team and deliver top-notch drafting services. 

general CAD services

Our CAD specialists excel at immersing themselves in ongoing and new projects, improving designs with unmatched accuracy and a keen eye for detail. From refining current models to keeping track of technical data, count on TinkerPro for CAD excellence every step of the way.

what our customers are saying

A High Level of Professionalism

“Tinkerpro delivered an excellent job on my product development project. They’re ability to understand idea sketches and visualize them was top-notch. They’re communication skills, technical skills and ability to meet deadlines shows their high level of professionalism. They were able to make recommendations and suggestions in areas I was less knowledgeable of. They were able to deliver despite late changes made to the initial milestones. I enjoyed working with Tinkerpro and would love to work with them in the future.”

– Olayinka

Awesome Job

“Roosevelt did an awesome job re-drafting some old construction details, and gave some ideas on how to illustrate some missing structural details. Will hire again for future jobs!” – Shubham Gandhi

Active, Cooperative, and Responsive

“Roosevelt worked with us on our project for about 6 months, and we successfully completed the project. During the project, he was active, cooperative, and responsive. We would be happy to work with him on our future projects.” – Hunter Wylie

Highly Recommended

“Roosevelt was very quick to respond and operated with an open line of communication. He understood the project needs, quickly clarified and fixed any issues, and completed the project efficiently. Would highly recommend him!!” – EMD – Complete Innovation

He Was Great!

“Roosevelt Williams completed the project within the time he was given. He obviously knows what he’s doing. Our communication on what needed to be done was good. He has a very positive attitude and I look forward to working with him again in the future. I highly recommend him. I’m satisfied and can now move on with confidence to the next stages of my project. He was great! If you’re thinking of taking the chance with him, do it!” – Nicholas Rivera


“Mr. Roosevelt saw great potential in my design, so I knew he would be just as passionate about developing my idea as much as I am. From the beginning, his understanding of my product was well received. We communicated throughout the duration of the project, exchanging ideas, asking questions, which was mutually beneficial to both parties. I would recommend Mr. Roosevelt to bring anyone’s ideas to life.” – Shandi Hudson

A Professional In His Craft

“Roosevelt was great to work with. He quickly picked up the concept of my project. He is a very good communicator and promptly responded to messages and phone calls. Roosevelt provided accurate estimates for completion of each milestone. Roosevelt is a professional in his craft, his work was excellent” – Private Company

Very Attentive To Details

“Roosevelt was very attentive to details as we worked through a few rounds of modifications on a few unique plastic shapes and parts. He was quick to ask questions when any details were unclear and quick to finish the job correctly. Would gladly hire him again and recommend him to others. Thanks!” – Private Company

Quality Work

“I am very impressed with the quality of work and level of professionalism that I received. A major plus was the fact that calling and speaking to the designer was never an issue. I highly recommend.” – Ossie Rankin

Quick And Precise

“Very easy to work with, from receiving the physical sample through digital editing and refining the models. He followed all instructions with attention to detail and the output was quick and precise over the 6x 3D models. I would gladly hire Roosevelt again in the future for any 3D modeling needs, especially now that I know he has a 3D printer for quick sampling.” – Private Company

Job Well Done

“Mr. Williams was amazing to work with. His skills, communication and response time helped the project move quicker than expected. As a designer he considered all aspects of the project and its future and gave input and adjustments when needed. With his great skill set He did exactly what needed to be done with recreating my design/visions. I would highly recommend and look forward to working together again. Job well done Mr. Williams!” – Private Company


Design Consulting
Concept Development
Product Development
3D Visualizations
Custom 3D Printing
Drafting Services
General CAD Services


December 02, 2018


Roosevelt Wlliams
Advanced CAD, Fabrication, & Engineering Technolgy BA



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At TinkerPro, we merge the art of design with the science of engineering.

Collaborate with us, and let’s co-engineer excellence.